Our objectives are:
>>    To maintain extremely high standards.
>>    To create fashion lines with innovative solutions, new fabrics, harmonious colour combinations.
>>    To respect delivery times.
>>    To constantly improve highly valued characteristics while reducing environmental impact to a minimum.
>>    To maintain the commitment and reliability that make our business so successful and well-respected .
>>    To promote the creation and development of Private Labels, by organising every step in the production procedure, as well as the distribution logistics.
>>    To also perform individual work stages commissioned by other companies.

Protagonists of fashion

Quality and innovation are the keywords in a philosophy which we have been refining since 1987


  • WALMODE srl
    Via Pastrengo, 52/A - 37012 Bussolengo (Verona - Italia)
  • Tel. +39 045 715 29 76 - Fax +39 045 670 02 22